Fiverr didn’t work out so well as I didn’t feel that the time invested was worth the return. The goal was to create a marketing template (digital product) that would take some time in the beginning but would then take no time later once the foundation was in place and the final product was ready.… Read More

Fiverr offers a versatile platform for buyers and sellers worldwide to buy or sell services and/or products. You can buy pretty much anything on this platform, from specialized birthday shout outs to customized lip balms. You can get lost as you search the variety of jobs that people are willing to perform, ranging from bizarre… Read More

Which road should I take? One road leads to a drop-shipping business and one leads to a service based business. A drop ship business allows you the freedom of not holding any inventory while still selling products to customers and making a profit. Drop ship vendors allow anywhere from 25-50% profit on a single sale.… Read More

I have decided to try out Fiverr to experiment with different avenues of building income.I will identify a need, address that need and create a solution that will automate the process so I do not have to invest a lot of time into each project, maximizing profits and efficiency.   I will be chronicling my… Read More

Everyone has to start somewhere. This is where I log all of my actions on my journey on the entrepreneurial journey. Beating the 9 to 5. I have already started for a week. I will be experimenting¬†with creating some online websites with the dropship and affiliate models.… Read More